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Clearvac provides extensive air-hygiene services tailored to HVAC ventilation systems. These services are essential for meeting industry standards, insurance mandates, and health and safety regulations. By doing so, we ensure that the air circulated in occupied spaces consistently meets  required standards.

In the case of extraction systems, we also address the removal of fire hazards and provide certification for insurance purposes.

Our procedures include:

Air Hygiene Risk Assessments

Evaluation of hygiene within supply and extraction systems.

Analytical Sampling

Carried out to ascertain hygiene levels from within the ductwork.

Ventilation Cleaning

Ensuring good indoor air quality is achieved for occupants of the area served.

Disinfection Services

Eliminate microbiological growth on all supply systems.

System Compliance

Following the above-mentioned air hygiene services, appropriate certification is presented to conform with current industry standards.

Extraction vent before cleaning

Extraction vent after cleaning

HVAC Ventilation Systems Cleaning and Disinfection

Vessel air duct cleaning is now an essential component of a well-considered maintenance schedule. Poorly maintained air ducts on large vessels with high occupancy provide an excellent environment for the growth of mould and bacteria.

As part of the air duct cleaning service, we thoroughly sanitise the supply and return ducts from end-to-end. This detailed process also includes components that distribute airflow, like supply and return air plenums, air vents, grilles, diffusers, extraction fans, transition boxes, louvred vents, and so on.

Operative wearing PPE paper suit, cleaning Hvac Air conditioning aboard a ship

Air Purification and Ozone Treatments 

(Mould, Bacteria, Virus and Odour Elimination)

Clearvac Engineering Asia employs ozone technology as a natural method to disinfect and sterilise internal living and working spaces. This technology is the most effective agent for neutralising bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, mould, fungi, larvae, and odours, making ozone a more potent and environmentally friendly solution compared to hazardous chemicals. Bacteria tend to thrive in environments with limited ventilation, warm temperatures, and humidity.

Clearvac offers ozone treatments using our custom industrial, European-built ozone generators. These machines can sanitise internal spaces, eliminating contamination without any residue remaining and, as always, we cause minimal disruption to crew and guests.

The Science In Detail


Bacteria are small, single-cell organisms with uncomplicated structures encased in relatively robust cell membranes. Ozone disrupts the metabolism of bacterial cells, probably impeding and obstructing their enzymatic control system. A sufficient amount of ozone penetrates the cell membrane, leading to bacterial destruction. In contrast, viruses are small, independent particles composed of crystals and macromolecules. They can only multiply within a host cell by transforming the host cell’s protein into their own.

Ozone can eliminate many viruses by entering their protein coat and damaging their RNA at the core. At higher concentrations, ozone also oxidises the capsid, the exterior protein shell, affecting the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) structures of the microorganism.

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