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2 Superyachts in Dock for Refit

2 superyachts seen from above in clearvac Engineering Asia's refit facility at Bangkok Dock Co

A Historic Moment at The Bangkok Shipyard

It’s 9am and an air of excitement was building amongst the spectators that had gathered on the Kungthrep bridge in Sathorn, Bangkok. A majestic superyacht, elegantly adorned with sleek lines, gracefully made her way through the bridge.

M/Y Annabella: The latest addition to Clearvac Engineering Asia’s list of prestigious clients, 3 loud blasts of her horn sound in appreciation to the traffic that patiently waited, and the yacht-spotters cheer as she made her way up river to her new home for the next 3 months at Clearvac Engineering Asia’s world-class refit facilities.

What made this arrival even more remarkable was the fact that it coincided with the presence of another superyacht already undergoing maintenance inside the adjacent dry dock, M/Y Nonni II, a 55-meter Italian giant already occupying Dock Number 1. This marks the first time in the history that the Bangkok Dock Co has had two superyachts simultaneously conduct refit services, further cementing Clearvac’s position as a leading player within the superyacht industry in Asia. 2 Superyachts in dock for refit, a new company benchmark!

Clearvac Engineering Asia has long been recognised for the regionally unmatched Superyacht Shipyard and highly skilled workforce. With a voracious dedication to excellence, we deliver an extensive selection of bespoke services catering to the distinct requirements of superyacht owners and operators. Meticulous planning and coordination was required to accommodate two superyachts in the dry docks for the same refit period. From detailed project management to efficient resource allocation, every aspect was planned to ensure a seamless experience for the clients.

Clearvac Engineering Asia continues to set new benchmarks in the superyacht industry. Superyacht owners and operators can rest assured that by entrusting their vessels to Clearvac, they will receive world-class service, meticulous attention to detail, and on-time delivery of vessels. Clearvac Engineering Asia truly stands at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that superyachts remain in pristine condition and ready to embark on new voyage

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