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Superyachts Krungthep Bridge

Superyachts Krungthep Bridge: Bangkok's blue Chao Phraya river is seen from the bow of a superyacht below a blue sky with clouds forming, the krungthep bridge is open in the near distance.

2 Superyachts pass below the famous Krungthep Bridge in Sathorn province, Bangkok, Thailand:

The bridge was first opening on 25th June 1959, it is the second bridge in Bangkok to ever cross the Chao Phraya River, and spanning an amazing 350.8-meters in length.

The Memorial Bridge is a bascule bridge, which means it can be raised like a drawbridge to allow ships to pass through on demand. Due to heavy traffic on this bridge, the neighbouring Rama III Bridge was built in 1999 to ease traffic congestion. As a popular destination for both tourists and residents, the “Bangkok Bridge” provides panoramic views of the city and the Chao Phraya River all the while being a essential mode of transit in the city. 

The bridge connects Bangkok’s Thonburi and Bang Phlat districts, making it a vital route for local commuters and enterprises. A unique landmark in Bangkok. It’s mechanical operation and distinctive design make it a fascinating and interesting attraction for visitors and locals alike, Clearvac Engineering Asia can facilitate the bridge opening enabling super-yachts passage ‘to and from’ our superyacht refit facility in Sathorn; downtown Bangkok, with the capacity to cater up to two vessels simultaneously, in the dry-docks, (118M and 104M in length).

The superyacht refit facility had an incredibly busy year, and in October we made local history with the first time 2 Superyachts and the famous krungthep bridge in Bangkok in immediate succession.

And of course, we always thoroughly appreciate the commuters patience whilst the bridge is in operation for our visiting vessels. We look forward to another exciting and busy year ahead, with many more beautiful superyachts passing through the Krungthep bridge en-route to our exclusive, downtown refit facility.


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