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RNT Smart Clamps, Thailand

Issues such as broken and leaking pipes, seepage, and inadequate pipe lengths are frequent challenges in the marine industry.

Introducing: RNT Smart Camps Thailand—Pipe Coupling and Repair

The RNT SMART CLAMPS—Pipe Coupling & Repair—offers the simplest and most convenient method to connect two pipes effortlessly. No need to worry about the pipe material or employ special tools. Even in cases where the pipe ends are not perfectly aligned, the RNT SMART CLAMP pipe fitting proves effective.

These versatile clamps can connect a wide array of pipes, including PP-R, concrete, steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, and others.

The RNT SMART CLAMP serves as a valuable tool for repairing broken pipes, sealing cracks, and fixing leaks. They are a cost-effective solution that saves time and installation space.

compatible with various pipe systems, including STEAM, COMPRESSED AIR, OIL, HOT OIL, AMMONIA, R-22, Freon, wastewater, cooling water, RO water, demineral water, chemicals, and more.

RNT Smart Camps Thailand offers three distinct options for your specific needs. While they are of the same type, they come in various sizes to cater to different requirements. For further details and inquiries, please feel free to contact Reno Tech Company Limited.




Type 1 pipe Clamps: (fit-in).

Type 2 Repair Clamps: Repair clamps for pipe leaks (with hinges).

Type 3 Repair Clamps: Repair clamps for leaking elbows.


  • Does not require welding
  • Does not require an experienced technician to install
  • No sparks are created or electricity is required

Type 1:

Pipe clamp, pipe connection (fit in)

Type 2:

Repair clamps for pipe leaks (with hinges)

RNT Smart Clamp against a white background.

Type 3:

Repair clamps for leaking elbows


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